Weight Loss After Pregnancy

For those new mothers who are looking to lose weight after pregnancy, you can rest assured that weight loss after you had your baby is entirely possible. With a little planning on your part you will find that you can manage to look after baby, your family and yourself at the same as you are losing weight, without a loss in the quality of your food.

This is not the Movies,the key things that you need to remember are determination to follow through with your plan to lose weight and a healthy weight loss plan this will keep it real for you.

If you want to achieve a healthy weight loss after pregnancy, you need to work for it, and it will take time regardless of how you go about it. Given that you have recently given birth rapid weight loss is not encouraged. You have to realise that your body has undergone some radical changes and needs time to recover. You can’t do that by putting your body through the trauma of a rapid weight loss.

That said, for women looking for weight loss after pregnancy, the best course of action they can follow is the one which advocates a nine month system. In other words, since it took nine months to gradually pile on the pounds, you can expect it to take about the same amount of time to come off. This is of course, if you do it in a healthy manner.

Another thing that you will want to keep in mind regarding weight loss after pregnancy, is that if you are breastfeeding you will need the proper nutrients and foods to keep your body healthy so that you have enough milk for baby.

Most mothers lose their pregnancy weight after they have weaned their baby. The weight you have gained over the last 9 months was mostly due to your body getting ready to breastfeed your baby.

It has been studied that new mothers who breastfeed their babies, burn up to about 700 calories a day. A significant amount when you look at it. The only thing you need to be aware of is that the weight won’t come off as such until you wean baby.

Begin your weight loss program with some light exercises to keep your body safe and ensure that you do not injure yourself in the process. Allow your body the time it deserves to recover from a major ordeal such as pregnancy and birth. Remember to split your workouts, spreading them out throughout the day, while keeping them short and effective. Engage in simple exercises and physical activity such as walking up and down the stairs or taking a brisk walk around the backyard. You may begin your exercises anywhere from four to eight weeks after birth. It is advisable to consult your doctor on when exactly it is safe for you to begin working out.

However, it is best if you don’t depend entirely on this method of weight loss after pregnancy, because as reliable as it is, you also need to factor in other things such as your diet. If any of these conflicts with, or impinges on your weight loss plans, you can be assured that the weight you were to lose breastfeeding would become negligible.

So, stick to a weight loss regime that is healthy and suitable for you, and you see that weight loss after pregnancy isn?t so impossible after all.


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